BitTorrent Cyberlockers Websites

Direct Download and Streaming Cyberlockers: Direct download and streaming cyberlockers are websites that provide centralized hosting for infringing content which can be downloaded and/or streamed by the public. The distribution process is simple: a user uploads an infringing file; the cyberlocker gives the user a link for accessing the file; the user posts the link on a linking site (or several); the linking site categorizes the link so that it will be searchable; a member of the public visits the linking site, finds the link, and clicks on it to obtain access to the file. Clicking the link will either initiate a download of the uploaded file, a stream of the uploaded file or offer both options. It is common for links to illegal copies of movies and television to be widely disseminated across the Internet, not just via linking sites, but also via social media platforms, forums, blogs and/or email.

To make enforcement more difficult, download cyberlockers frequently provide several unique links to the same file. If a content owner sends an infringement notice for one of the links, the others may remain up, enabling continued infringement. Indeed, many cyberlocker sites, including and sites included in the Movshare group, do not respond at all to takedown notices sent from copyright owners.